Quotes, Thoughts, Musings, and Other Odds and Ends

We all need inspiration from time to time. Who among us hasn’t yearned for an encouraging word or verbal pat on the back (or nudge in the right direction)? Or the permission to forgive ourselves for the times when we just couldn’t do ‘it’. Permission to sit and just be.

I’ve created this evergrowing page of quotes, wisdom, inspirational sayings, witty quips, and everything else I can get my virtual hands on, with the hope you’ll find what your soul yearns for.

Regrets are a waste of time. If you didn’t do something, accept that it didn’t get done, take something with you to help you the next time it rears its ugly head, and move on. Easier said than done. I know about regrets. There are days when my depression holds me in a vice grip and I can’t move. But my mind, ah yes, my mind is active and she screams at me to stop wasting the day. Write, damn it! Alas, I wish I could, but at times the terror is too great.


Nietzsche quote

Pushing forward makes us stronger. Unless the enemy has bigger weapons. Then it’s okay to run and hide.

When was the last time you danced in the rain? Or went fishing in a puddle? Made a snowman lately? Snuck frosting off a cake? It’s high time you did!