When Genius Strikes an Author of Contemporary Women’s Fiction

All writers have them. Those ah-ha moments when a plot piece falls into place or a saggy middle suddenly becomes a pivotal hill. Those brilliant words that threaten to explode in our heads. Ah, the joy!

jumping for joy-woman jumping-pexels.com-happy
It’s a great feeling when the words click!

Unfortunately, my words seem to click at the worst times. Take today for example. (Actually, it might be last week, or two years ago. It depends on when you’re reading this post.)  I heard back from a beta reader regarding my new manuscript, You gave me wings!. She had lots of good things to say.

However, she also pointed out areas that still needed work. That’s okay. I got this! I needed to think through her suggestions. Time to take the dogs for a walk. If an ah-ha moment hits me, I’ll record it into my phone. Damn. Phone’s dead. Okay, no biggie. I’ll focus on relaxing and keep the ideas at bay. Breath, relax, and walk.

walking my dog
Walking Stevie and enjoying the sunshine.

Who was I kidding? As soon as my feet hit the pavement the plot twists and turns flowed like the Nile after a monsoon. I was panicked. There was no way I would remember all the amazing, astounding, award-winning, awesome, (my, that’s a lot of words beginning with the letter a!) ideas until I got home. I had two miles to go! I started my mantra: remember, remember, remember, REMEMBER.

See, that’s the problem with forcing one’s brain to remember. The thoughts skitter away, frightened by all the intense shouting for them to stay put and new thoughts slide in!

For example, as I walked home I thought about all the times I have my ah-ha moments but can’t write them down. (Way off the topic of my manuscript.)

winnie the pooh, forgetting things, think think think
What was I trying to remember?

For example, I always seem to get a great idea when I’m just starting to fall asleep.

remembering ideas in the morning
Any body else suffer from this or is it just me?

Or when I’m in the shower? Or, how about when I’m driving????

road-people-street-smartphone-texting and driving
Hey, don’t use your phone while driving!!!

Why do the thoughts choose the worst times to spring on me? It’s like they’re lurking in the shadows of my brain, waiting for me to lower my guard.

‘Surprise! Ha ha, you can’t write me down. Boy, are you screwed!’

From now on I vow to always have a pen or pencil with me. Always! Even if I have to stick them in orifices that weren’t designed for the task.

pencil in the ear, pencil earring
That looks like it would hurt. Perhaps I’ll try to store it someplace else.

I won’t need paper. That’s what hands are for–right?

Why use paper when a hand or two will do?

Ah, a writer’s life. Full of… damn, what was I going to write? It was absolutely brilliant!

Blessed be :}

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