Why I’m no longer on Facebook.

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I entered the Facebook rabbit hole in May of 2016 with a goal of establishing my author platform. Facebook was to be my place to connect with other authors, and an amazing number of readers who might enjoy my contemporary women’s fiction novels (available on Amazon – shameless plug).

Working tirelessly into the night, I created my personal and author pages, and then marketed, interacted, hosted, posted, reacted, and, basically, became a Facebook hoodie.

I posted until my fingers bled.

A lovely six months went by and then the fun began. After spending close to $500.00 boosting my amazing posts, Facebook stopped showing my non-boosted posts. WTF! Please understand, I’d love to show you the message I received but, I can’t log into my Facebook page. So I’ll show someone else’s return message to Facebook.

facebook forcing boosting of posts
In other words, Facebook is holding many independent artists’ posts hostage.

Of course, I ignored the request for more cash and went along my merry way. Then, one fine day, I received this message from the powers-that-be in Silicon Valley.

Your account has been temporarily locked.

My reaction? WTF?!  I need Facebook to market my books–right?. Hm, let me get back to you on that.

La-dee-dee, further playing in the surreal world of Zuckerberg yielded this message:

Hmmmmmmm (extra-long pondering by author). Seems the phone number Facebook is using ISN’T MINE!


Woman punching man
Take that Facebook.

I could send a request through the help desk on FB but one has to log in first. Welcome to the carousel. Round and round she goes, what social media website she’ll land on, nobody knows.

End result? My pages are permanently locked. However, I’m free to establish a personal page as my authentic-self and post pictures of food and kittens, just nothing to do with my books. Sigh

In closing, here’s what I’ve learned from my experience with Facebook: Zuckerberg doesn’t employ human beings–only droids. I’ve called, emailed, and sent smoke, but there is nobody in the building with a pulse.

In closing, do I need Facebook? Nope. To be sure, I’ll miss the wonderful people I met on FB but it’s my hope they’ll find me on Twitter, Google+, YouTube, or on my humble website, tinthiaclemant.com.

Stay tuned to see how I do out in the world.

I’m free! Now what?

Blessed be.

Photos courtesy of Pexels